Naos 800

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Naos 800Power Catamaran

Pleasure comfort and luxury on the sea. 


Our concept designs always start with a lifestyle and a dream. The NAOS 800 is designed with today’s high technology, in mind allowing for smaller engines than similar-sized boats while still being faster than its competitors. Our goal was to create a high-performance, low-maintenance power catamaran with extraordinary stability and exceptional comfort, and I believe that we can proudly say that NAOS 800 3 series is one of the best options in its market range. 


NAOS 800 has been planned with regard to all international quality and certification processes. All technical drawings and simulations have been carefully considered from planning to putting NAOS 800 on the water.


A perfect balance between weight distribution and balance. NAOS 800 is one of the best products in its class. It’s %50 lighter than the closest competitor. The final weight is only 1750kg.


Vacuum infusion process used in composite production. This method helps us to build a homogenous body without any weak points. Dual body design helps us a balanced and safe yacht even at higher speeds.


Safety first! 3 isolated waterproof regions in each body provide complete safety for your sailing experience.


NAOS 800 has provide several safety features. All electronic systems, pumps, and motors are controlled via the Prodoris Electronic Management tool each second.


|NAOS 800 has a built-in cabin shower, one dual bed, one single bed two cabins.


Our design bloomed from a lifestyle/dream. NAOS 850 is designed for small groups who like to spend time on the sea with their families and friends. It has been carefully crafted to ease use and provide a smooth sailing experience. There are 2 separate regions on the boat. The back deck is for people who enjoy some small talk and drinks. On the front side, a huge sunbath area awaits you to lie down and enjoy the sea. 


|NAOS 800 provides high cruising performance even with small engines thanks to its light structure and aerodynamic, and hydrodynamic design support.


|With its aerodynamic feature, the hardtop adheres to the water and maintains your balance by using the differences in the wind speeds passing over and under at high speeds.


|With its hydrofoil body structure, it minimizes water friction and provides fuel savings and speed advantage. A speed of up to 50 knots is achieved with a 2x115hp engine.


|It can reach speeds up to 50 knots with engine sets between 60-115 HP. And it is quite successful in terms of fuel consumption. With this engine, the consumption has been reduced to 1.5 LT/ hour.


|Electronic control system Prodoris, all electrical and electronic components of your boat are controlled instantly.


|With electronically controlled bilge pumps, your boat is always protected against sinking.


|4 independent battery systems, installation, one for two motors, independent batteries for high current draw systems such as windlass hydrophore, each system can work with support from the other, all batteries are electronically controlled.


|With the integrated GPS system, you can instantly track the position of your boat, and you can easily find your direction in the sea with navigation.

Naos 800Power Catamaran
Total Length
Max Occupancy
Clean Water
200 lt
Max Speed
50 knots
Cruise Range
300 mil
Naos 800Power Catamaran